Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Last dance?

Terri Schiavo continues to go downhill as I post this. As expected, Gov. Jeb Bush is expected to try to take physical custody of Terri before the end of the week. How? Oh, I don't know. Maybe an emergency evacuation of the hospice. Bomb scare? Anthrax? Terrorist threat? He'll think of something.

Spent last weekend reading blog after blog on Terri, her life, her marriage, and her condition.

Two blogs with Terri's family side:
  • here
  • and
  • here

  • ...and one article about a changed perspective after reading up on Michael Schiavo and little nagging details that question whether he is the best choice to be a "guardian":
  • here

  • One different perspective from a bioethicist about what's at the end of the line (not Terri-specific):
  • here

  • (not the bioethicist/neurologist hired by Jeb Bush who "concluded" Terri was not in a PVS after observing her for an hour but not actually examining her. A doctor who just happens to be avidly against mercy killings, asisted suicides, and the like.)

    Curious question: Why don't we have a Terri-cam?
    > We could see if she's SUFFERING while being starved to death.
    > We could see if she laughs, smiles, grimaces, nods and moves her eyes when family members aren't in the room.

    Running out of time, folks.


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