Monday, May 02, 2005

Very, very cold feet

Jennifer Wilbanks turned up in New Mexico, of all places - not in Georgia, in a shallow grave or in little pieces at the hands of her fiancee. I feel for her parents and for her fiancee, John Mason, who was immediately considered a person of interest (even if that's not the folksy term police used). Police seized three computers from their home and Mason took (and passed) a polygraph test.

And just before a nice-sized (well, gigantic) wedding with over 500 guests. And 28 brides-people.

I suppose her family and friends have conflicting emotions right now - "Thank God you're safe!" mixed with "How stupid could you be? You idiot!"

MSNBC Senior Producer Nina Bradley, another bride-to-be, commented here:
Call me crazy, but if I were to get cold feet, I would tell someone. I would talk to my fianceeé, my parents, my sibling, my friends, or even my minister. Where were her 14 bridesmaids when she needed a shoulder to cry on?

On the other hand, some people were bound to blame the couple as goof balls, provoking such comments as:
Elope to Mexico. Marry there, honeymoon there, and stay there. And as a previous poster said, no offspring.

Ah, the joys of marriage.


Anonymous Reverend X said...

Thank you, sweetie. I appreciate the sentiment.

May 09, 2005 10:23 PM  

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