Sunday, June 18, 2006

Geno's steaks its case: Order in English

Philadelphia's Geno's Steaks, long a tourist attraction, recently caused a stir with 2 signs in its front window:

1. This is America: When Ordering Speak English.
2. Management Reserves Right to Refuse Service.

For a little background, see here, here and here.

Owner Joey Vento, whose grandparents came from Italy and spoke halting English, does not discriminate aginst Italians, of course....(from the last article):

But the "Speak English" placards are not aimed at tourists, according to the Ventos.

Vento, in an earlier interview with The Inquirer, recalled summoning an Italian-speaking employee from home to take the order of Italian tourists who had just arrived in the city.

Hee hee. I'm sure the neighboring taco shops would be HAPPY to sell him some $2 tacos. - X


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