Sunday, January 20, 2008

Election 08 - It's Too Damn Early

Neither of us is convinced we'll see anything good come of the early primaries and caucuses. Mostly the blood-letting will affect interesting candidates who the establishments won't let win (Ron Paul) and those who should have quit long ago (John Edwards). Frank Rich had one of his usual scathing op-ed pieces in the NYT today, bashing Republicans who think Reagan can be resurrected and who think they can win Black votes by claiming "my daddy marched with Dr. King." Of course, some candidates (John McCain) are old enough themselves to have marched with King, though McCain himself was busy at the time overseas trying out different hotels.

One bizarre note: when I was typing this post, I left out the "F" in Frank Rich's name in the labels box. Once I inserted the "F," Blogspot suggested "Freakazoid." As you can see, they look almost identical. - X

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