Sunday, August 28, 2005

The War and the Mothers (and Fathers, and Sisters....)

Been away for a while. Did I miss anything? Did President Bush ever meet with that protesting mother? Did she meet with other concerned mothers who don't happen to share her political views? Heard a choice comment yesterday on WPHT radio that the 50-ish crowd protesting the Iraq War (sorry, the struggle) "want to regain the feelings they when they were protesting against the Vietnam War...they just don't understand the politics or the reality of the situation today." On the contrary. They, like a majority of Americans (56 percent), want our troops home as quickly as possible. Some families are against the war. Some families are strongly in favor of the war. I'd wager that most recognize the fact that they can't pick and choose which conflicts their servicemen and servicewomen serve in, and they accept the fact that the troops might make the ultimate sacrifice for the country. But they all want their kids (and spouses) home as soon as possible.


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