Monday, March 06, 2006

Random numbers on the UAE-US port control debate

From John Cummings, as reported on Air America Radio's website:
The number of US corporations owned by foreign interests:61,615.
The percentage of US transportation and warehousing corporations owned by foreign entities: 1.16%
The percentage of the US federal debt owned by foreign entities: 53%.

The number of cargo ships that made a port of call in the United States last year: 7,241.
The number of shipping containers received by US ports last year: 9 million.
The percentage of containers inspected by customs and border control: 5%.

The number of domestic airline passengers in 2005:590 million.
The number of bags screened by the TSA each month: 75 million.
The number of bags per day mishandled by US airlines:9,700.

What's interesting is the lack of discussion on how many US ports are operated by other Mideast nations, such as our "good friends" in Saudi Arabia.


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