Sunday, July 09, 2006

Korean Missiles, Jersey Casinos and Lots of Egos

North Korea fired seven missiles (which didn't go far), but in far more important news, the Atlantic City casinos are open once again, after New Jersey's budget is approved. What do these events have in common? Men in power with out-of-control egos. While New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine is surely not as evil as "Dear Leader" Kim Jong Il, Corzine's power play in shutting down non-essential state functions for several days last week reeked of the same smell.

From the Trentonian:
The shutdown furloughed 45,000 state workers, including the state casino inspectors who by law must be present in New Jersey’s 24-hour casinos. That forced the gambling halls to close, idling about 36,000 people and turning the bustling casino mecca into a ghost town.

Yet this was not your typical Democratic-Republican showdown over high taxes in New Jersey. Instead, it marked a deep split between Corzine and Assembly Speaker Joseph Roberts Jr over whether to increase Jersey's already high sales tax.

Ugly, ugly, ugly.


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