Sunday, October 08, 2006

Musharraf and the stone age threat

"Bomb them back to the stone age?" From MSNBC:

White House spokesperson Tony Snow said Friday that he did not know what Musharraf had been told by his intelligence chief after the talk with Armitage, but
“U.S. policy was not to issue bombing threats. U.S. Policy was to say to President Musharraf: '’We need you to make a choice.' "“I don'’t know,"” Snow said. "“This could have been a classic failure to communicate. I just don'’t know."”

You mean they didn't understand "you're either with us or against us?"

What's funnier - that the bombing threat might have been true? Or that Armitage denied saying it, because he "couldn't back it up?" All I know is, U.S. troops had Bin Laden located and more troops weren't provided to seal the border with Pakistan. And now, Pakistan has declared its side of the border off limits to U.S. troops. Hmmm.


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