Sunday, November 26, 2006

Breast feeding gets you booted

On Oct. 13, Emily Gillette, 27, of Santa Fe, N.M., was ordered off a Freedom Airlines flight about to take off from Burlington International Airport after a flight attendant asked her to cover up while she was breast-feeding her 1-year-old daughter.

She had been sitting on the New York-bound plane — which was three hours late departing — when she began nursing, prompting the flight attendance to hand her a blanket. When she refused it, the female flight attendant had her removed from the plane, along with her husband and child...

In Portland, Ore., about 40 mothers nursed their infants at Portland International Airport. Some said it's wrong to encourage mothers to cover their breasts and babies while nursing in public. That makes infants hot and interrupts the bonding of mother and child, said organizer Amelia Psmythe. "That's part of the sweetness of breast-feeding that goes along with all the good nutrition," she said.
Let's take it a step further: I think people should be able to fuck in public without covering up. That's part of the sweetness of sex that goes along with all the heavy petting.


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