Sunday, November 12, 2006

Delaware County follow-up: How Weldon lost

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:
Weldon didn't handle adversity well, and he got plenty of it. Criticizing Sestak in an interview in April for keeping his home in Virginia, Weldon also appeared to criticize his rival's decision to continue his daughter's treatment for brain cancer in Washington.

Weldon said he called to apologize, but the incident was already speeding through the blogosphere. "You should have seen the e-mails I received," he fumed.

In another misstep, his campaign, expecting a protest, called the police to a campaign event in Springfield Township, Delaware County. The officer found an Eagle Scout taking notes for Sestak.

Weldon made a similar mistake last week, jabbing from the microphones at a man he assumed was monitoring the event for Sestak. The man was a producer for a Japanese television crew. Weldon stepped into the crowd to apologize.

...and from the Delaware County Daily Times:

In the final days, things got nasty. Nearly 600 Sestak lawn signs were dumped out front of the Democrat’s condo in Nether Providence and drivers were greeted Tuesday morning by anti-Weldon graffiti on a Blue Route overpass in Marple. The taggers spray-painted a Soviet Union’s hammer and sickle in the middle of Weldon’s name.
LOL. Nice reference to Weldon's daughter and those Russian clients he lined up for her.


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