Saturday, October 28, 2006

Rush smear I

Might have heard this incorrectly, or been groggy one morning a few weeks back, but I heard a promo for Riush saying Dems "have mastered the art of the smear - they have lots of lawyers who are hired just to do it, but the Republicans have to wake up, since they believe elections are about ideas - they couldn't smear if you gave them the cream cheese and the bagel."

I nearly drove off the road at that point, remembering Ed Muskie, Willie Horton, Harvey Gantt in North Carolina (the white hands ad by Jesse Helms), Swift Boat vets, pretty much any campaign in the past 20 years...

...and of course, any interview about the 2006 campaigns...
"If you are airing positive ads you are allowing your opponent to get traction when you should be ripping them down," said Carl Forti of the House Republican Campaign Committee. "It's about making your opponent unacceptable." "You usually save some of your best stuff for last," Forti said. "Keep the pedal to the metal until the end."

And did anyone catch Scarborough Country, where two weeks ago they showed a picture of President Bush meeting with noted policy advisors Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Michael Medved and others? Sorry, no Rush, but you get the point. I'm sure it wasn't discussing how to be fair and balanced through Election Day.


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