Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Day!

It's the night before Election Day. And that means....QUESTION TIME!

Senator McCain
Whatever happened to...
Your condemnation of Joe The Plumber, who owes back taxes and agreed with a voter who claimed a vote for Obama is a vote against Israel...your explanation of your wife's addiction problem...Sarah Palin's witchcraft preacher...Sarah Palin

Senator Obama
Whatever happened to...
Tony Rezko...Rev. Wright's hate speech (scratch that - I saw a GOP PAC ad tonight featuring the Ragin' Rev)...A very slight track record as Senator...a vote against banning partial birth abortion...countless spending plans when we can't afford them...the gag you promised to use on Joe Biden...your failure to chain yourself to a cross and declare once and for all that you're not a Muslim out to kill us all.


Over in NJ...
Frank Lautenburg's preserved body is running against Republican Dick Zimmer, who won the endorsement of the Courier-Post. As reported on Philly. com, in their final debate, Zimmer brought up Lautenburg's age, pork, and opposition to Bush's tax incentives:

Lautenburg: "The tax cuts that have been given to the wealthiest among us have helped bring the destruction of the economy," Lautenberg said, later adding: "We've got to talk about tax vouchers for the middle class. That's our job."

Zimmer: "We will kill jobs, we will kill economic growth, we will kill recovery if these tax cuts are allowed to expire."

Of course, Zimmer failed to identify what job growth, economic growth or recovery has taken place since the last round of incentives went out. Other than negative growth, that is. For his part, Lautenburg failed to explain how a brain-dead 130-year old would help New Jersey.

Over in PA...
The big battle other than the Presidential race is for Congress, where Dems Pat Murphy and Joe Sestak are fighting close races for returning to DC.

Oh yeah, make sure to go vote tomorrow. Unless you owe traffic tickets or back taxes. Wait, that would make Joe the Plumber stay home.