Friday, May 13, 2005

A Day Without an Illegal Mexican?

Mexican President Vicente Fox said he would file a diplomatic complaint regarding the recent law passed by (our) Congress to build a big 'ol wall on our Southern border (this one, not that one), and to no longer allow states to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens. Naturally this 'lil tidbit was tacked on to an Iraq War additional funding bill of $80 Billion, so no one in their right political mind would be caught dead voting against "our troops." (Like a certain Senator from Massachusetts I could name, but won't.) In the wake of the controversy of the Minuteman Project in Arizona, this is just more gasoline on the fire.

Also, since "leaders of the Mexican community" threatened to strike here, let's ponder what that would mean. One version might be what happened in the movie similar to the name of this post. Another version might be only legal Mexican immigrants would work, while illegals went underground. I suspect Bush would find some way to grandfather in people who are already here, which neatly skirts the issue of dealing with the scope of the current problem, while earning Bush points to try to increase Hispanic Republican voters.

I just find it funny that Mexico is shocked (shocked, I say!) that the US is taking steps to control ILLEGAL immigration. Maybe if Mexico would stop printing booklets advising its citizens how to illegally enter/safely sneak into a neighboring country, I could take them seriously when they make objections to our policies.


Anonymous Stephen D. Goss said...

One of the few occurances where I actually agree with everything you said. Well written, it could have been a little longer though.

May 16, 2005 10:45 PM  

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