Thursday, June 16, 2005

Pol Pot? I think not.

Previously, I sarcastically said I couldn't think why a Democrat would compare our president to a previous German president. One senator, Dick Durbin (D-IL), did go so far as to compare Gitmo to Nazi concentration camps, Cambodia's Pol Pot, and the Soviet gulags. Let's see: Did they have air conditioning at Dachau? Glazed chicken in the Archipelago? Copies of religious books in Cambodian killing fields? No? And let's get something straight: no one died (that we know of) at Gitmo. Yes, some of these interrogations are brutal. And this administration's selective use of the Geneva Convention is not just irritating, it's pathetic. And because their definition of torture is so fluid, it is clearly designed to evade public scrutiny and Congressional oversight. But before you compare chilling a room and playing incessant rap music to killing millions of people (many horribly), work a little on the analogy. As stated on this site previously, Amnesty International made that comparison to bring light on the subject. That doesn't mean the comparison is valid. I lost family in the Nazi concentration camps, and to me, Durbin's comment trivialized their deaths.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your right, this administrations use of the geneva convention is pathetic - because the people that they captured do not apply. There is no geneva convention as far as these prisoners are concerned. Before any prisoner can claim rights to anything that the geneva convention has to offer, they must pass a few qualifying factors. First, they must be representative of a country. Who do these prisoners represent? What country? Second, they must have signed onto the geneva convention. The prisoners must have been represented by a governing body at the time of signing. Albeit many of these guys are from Aphganistan, which is a member of the geneva convention, that does not mean that they are representing that country. THEY ARE TERRORISTS. If the UN and the world body wanted to help, they should clarify this by stating that if you don't represent a country, if a country doesn't represent you, and if you kill or plan to kill women and children you no longer have rights and should probably be shot on sight.

June 27, 2005 10:51 PM  

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