Saturday, June 25, 2005

Very eminent domain

I knew I had seen this issue before in multiple places...John Stossel took a 20/20 crew to visit the aforementioned Vera Coking in Atlantic City. He also visited New Rochelle, NY back in 2001 when IKEA wanted to move in. This is a homeowner's quote I remembered:
"I've never felt so powerless in my whole life. What's wrong with my American dream? Why is IKEA's American dream better than my American dream?"

See here for an article about IKEA tearing down a historic row of buildings in Brooklyn to put in a parking for seeing the wrecking ball come to New Haven, CT, and here and here for more on New Rochelle. By the way, pressure from local community groups and exposure from national media, coupled with controversy over ever-changing requirements of the IKEA building and traffic flow, deep-sixed the store's plans.

I don't mean to single out IKEA - it's simply one example of a major corporation that seeks to "persuade" City Hall that "if you build it, they will come." The downside to this is the jobs lost and people displaced, factors that are glossed over in fancy presentations by developers.


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