Thursday, July 20, 2006

Strikeouts for Troops - check it out, and donate!

Strikeouts for Troops is our latest link. It's for a good cause. A little background:

Strikeouts for Troops™ is a national project founded by Oakland Athletics pitcher Barry Zito, for the benefit of our war wounded being treated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Bethesda Naval Hospital and other military hospitals for injuries received during service in Afghanistan, Iraq and other assignments around the world.

Barry Zito will donate $200 to Strikeouts For Troops for every strikeout he throws during the 2006 season and has invited other baseball players to join him in this effort to help our American Soldiers.

Strikeouts For Troops provides funds for "comforts of home" by helping to make the recovery time for an injured solider a little easier and also assists with travel and housing expenses for their families.
Pitchers and position players both participate, and of course the general public can donate as well.

Participating players with home runs are mentioned daily on Fox Sports Radio's First Team on Fox with Steve Czaban (M-F, 6 AM - 9AM Eastern).

- Peter


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