Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain: Genius to Idiot in 48 hours

The first Presidential debate starts in roughly 5 minutes. McCain has gone from genius to idiot in 48 hours by doing the following:

1. Suspend the campaign to fix the economy: brilliant! Make yourself look statesman-like and Obama a follower if he does the same, a political hack if he declines. Say you want the debate postponed until an economic fix-it plan is done.

2. Blow off David Letterman because "it's not a time for comedy," but instead of proceeding to DC:
a. Go down the street and do an interview with Katie Couric
b. Go have dinner
c. Stay overnight in NYC
d. Go to a Bill Clinton event, then
e. D'oh! Almost forgot! Have to go to DC!

3. Say nothing in the meeting you called (as opposed to your opponent, who allegedly yelled a lot). Go back on your word after the $700 Billion (with a B) plan falls apart and head to Mississippi. Lower expectations by having your spinners say Obama's a much better debater, even though foreign policy is your expertise.

4. Hope everyone starts asking about what exactly Obama did during his short time in DC too.

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